5th Annual Suntree Slam — October 9-11, 2015

Suntree Slam

To assist homeless, single mothers and their children throughout our community, Space Coast Center for Mothers with Children (SCC) and Suntree Country Club (SCC) have again teamed up to present the 5th Annual Suntree Slam.  

SCC extends our heartfelt gratitude for this generous support and perhaps the best thank you for our sponsors is knowing that the funds raised will:
Show mothers and children that they are no longer alone! 
Show them that they are no longer invisible in their community!
Show them that they are no longer misunderstood; ultimately, that they live in a community willing to lift them up with compassion and love! 

Sponsorship will give children in crisis the opportunity to heal from the traumas they endure while living homeless. The tournament proceeds will help provide them with a home, food, safety and will ease their fears of being physically abused or hurt, or being separated from their mothers; ultimately, allowing children to focus on learning in school. Mothers can now focus on learning how to nurture, protect and provide for their family—breaking their cycle of homelessness!

 For Information please email Irma or call  321-255-9914.

Suntree Slam Event Flyer (pdf)


12th Annual Great Tastes at Suntree —
October 17
, 2015

Great Tastes at Suntree









Space Coast Center participates in GoodSearch Service


GoodSearch.com is a new Yahoo-powered search engine that donates half its advertising revenue, about a penny per search. Add the Space Coast Center with Mothers with Children toolbar and help homeless mothers and their children every time you search the web. Use it just as you would any search engine.




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You can help.


I Give Hope

Throughout Brevard County more than 1300 homeless children attend area schools. These children and their families are living in motels, camping grounds, parks, their cars, with relatives and abandoned buildings.



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I Give Hope Annual Campaign Launch


I Give Hope

Space Coast Center for Mother's with Children launched their First Annual I Give Hope Campaign in December 2010.


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